Hello, I'm Haley!

My interest in photography really started when we began to grow our family back in 2011. I knew time would fade far too fast and I wanted to document our everyday moments. Over the years I have toggled between many different areas and finally found what makes my heart the happiest. Capturing families as they grow, sharing their stories and freezing these sweet moments in time for them. There is so much love and happiness during these phases of life and I am truly blessed to work with each and every family.  



A wife.  A mama to three.  A dream chaser.

I love sweet tea, vanilla coffee, bubble baths, trips to Target, nightly summer bonfires, ice skating, and so much more!


in my bag

NIKON D750, 35 mm, 50mm, 105mm, 24-107mm,

Backup Batteries & Memory Cards, Business Cards,

Lens Cloth, Chapstick & Pens.


this is my crew.

They're my sunshine on a cloudy day. 

They hug, kiss, and fight over me more than
I deserve. 

And I am undeniably blessed for each of them.




My in-home studio is so light and cozy even on the cloudiest day.
I mostly use studio lighting, but having the option to channel in that natural sunshine is always a plus!
From a fully stocked fridge, snacks, soft tones playing, and wooden toys for the littles,
I have everything to help you relax while I capture the magic!

where to go from here?

so glad you asked!